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Fujitsu 18k BTU - H-Series - Outdoor Condenser - For 2 Zones



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Fujitsu AOU18RLXFZH Mini Split Outdoor Condenser: Efficient Comfort for Your Home

Reliable Comfort, Proven Performance:

For years, a leading brand in heating and air conditioning, Fujitsu delivers dependable solutions like the AOU18RLXFZH mini split outdoor condenser. This versatile unit efficiently powers up to two indoor units, making it ideal for multi-zone climate control.

Advanced Technology, Superior Efficiency:

Featuring inverter technology, the AOU18RLXFZH precisely adjusts its output to match your needs, resulting in consistent and comfortable temperatures. This innovative operation also reduces moisture, minimizes short-cycling, and enhances overall efficiency.

Flexible Design, Personalized Comfort:

The AOU18RLXFZH offers exceptional design flexibility by allowing connection of indoor units with a total capacity exceeding  130% of the outdoor unit's capacity. When all zones are active, the system adjusts individual outputs for balanced comfort. As zones reach desired temperatures, the available capacity automatically redirects to areas still requiring heating or cooling.

Unmatched Performance in Extreme Conditions:

Engineered for exceptional performance in harsh winter conditions, the AOU18RLXFZH maintains its rated capacity down to 3°F. Even at -15°F, it delivers an impressive 73% of its heating capability. Additionally, the built-in base pan heater prevents damage caused by frozen condensate, ensuring reliable operation in cold climates.

Durable Construction, Lasting Performance:

Fujitsu's commitment to quality extends to the AOU18RLXFZH 's corrosion-resistant heat exchanger. Featuring a special blue fin coating, it effectively resists various corrosive elements, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliable operation.

Additional Notes:

This product requires two compatible Fujitsu mini split indoor units and specific installation accessories, including line sets, drain tubing, and connecting cables, to ensure proper functionality.



East Bay Air Systems will contact you to schedule a pre-installation home visit before scheduling your installation. These appointments typically last 30-45 minutes and are available Monday-Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. We strive to complete installations within 10-15 business days of your purchase.

Please note that all wall-mounted interior units must be installed on an exterior wall.

Outdoor units will be installed on an 18-inch Diversitech corrosion-resistant aluminum stand placed on a Diversitech E-LITE PAD measuring 32 inches by 44 inches by 3 inches.

The interior and exterior units will be connected by an insulated refrigerant line, also called a "line set," which will be covered in Rectorseal "Slimduct" for insulation.

An outdoor electrical disconnect will be installed in a convenient location by a licensed electrician contracted by East Bay Air Systems.

While East Bay Air Systems is not responsible for painting or patching the interior or exterior of your home, such work is typically not necessary for installation.

State and Federal Rebates

Regarding state rebates and federal tax credits, we will provide any and all information we have access to and assist you in any way we can. However, please be aware that East Bay Air Systems cannot and will not be held responsible for any rebates not received or approved by the state you have applied to.

East Bay Air Systems is a Heat Pump Installers Network (HPIN) contractor.

Link to Clean Heat RI Rebates

Link to RI Energy Rebates

Link to Federal Tax Credit Information


East Bay Air Systems provides a 1 year labor warranty for all work performed in addition to the manufacturers warranty on equipment installed.

A link to Fujitsu's warranty can be found here.

Deposit & Payment Terms

Payment cannot be made through this platform. This website is for quoting purposes only.

Payment terms:

  • 25% deposit: After in home heat pump consultation. All payment are made through a Quickbooks invoice.
  • 50% due: An additional 50% of the total cost is due 3 business days before your scheduled installation date.
  • Balance due: The remaining balance is due upon project completion. Invoices for the remaining balance will be sent via QuickBooks and can be paid by check or ACH transfer.

A pre-installation home consultation can be scheduled without a deposit by emailing us at

Cancellation Policy

A full refund will be issued up to one week before the scheduled installation date for cancelled installations.

East Bay Air Systems reserves the right to cancel an installation, with full refund, and without recourse if satisfactory installation conditions are not present.