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Fujitsu 9k BTU Floor Mounted - For Multi-Zone



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Fujitsu AGU9RLF Floor Mounted Mini Split: Versatile Comfort, Seamless Integration

Decades of Expertise, Tailored Solutions:

Fujitsu, a trusted name in climate control for decades, presents the AGU9RLF floor mounted mini split indoor unit. This versatile unit offers cooling, heating, and dehumidification functions, making it a year-round comfort solution for various spaces. Its unique design allows for either wall-mounted or in-floor installation, providing flexibility to suit your aesthetic preferences and existing infrastructure.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Wellbeing:

The AGU9RLF boasts several features designed to promote year-round comfort and healthy living:

  • Advanced Filtration: Similar to other Fujitsu models, this unit features a dual-filtration system employing a washable ion deodorizing filter and an apple catechin filter to capture odors, bacteria, dust, and mold, ensuring cleaner and healthier air circulation.

  • Timer Function: Enhance energy efficiency and customize operation with the sleep timer for gradual output reduction after bedtime and the 24-hour timer for setting daily on and off times.

  • Dehumidify and Cool: The Dry Mode addresses both temperature and humidity concerns by dehumidifying your space while providing moderate cooling.

  • Precise Airflow Control: Ensure consistent comfort throughout your space with Swing Mode, which distributes conditioned air evenly. This mode works seamlessly with the auto fan and auto changeover functions for effortless comfort management.

  • Rapid Comfort Boost: Experience quick temperature adjustments with the Powerful Operation Mode, which runs the unit at maximum power for a limited duration to rapidly reach your desired temperature.

  • Energy-Saving Economy Mode: Prioritize energy efficiency and cost savings with the Economy Mode, which limits the unit's maximum output and enhances dehumidification capabilities during cooling and Dry Mode operation.

  • Twin Airflow for Optimal Comfort: Fujitsu's unique design delivers conditioned air from both the top and bottom of the unit, ensuring faster comfort distribution. You can also choose to deactivate the lower fan for airflow directed only upwards.


Requires Multi-Zone Outdoor Unit

Please note: This product requires a compatible multi-zone Fujitsu mini split outdoor condenser


Product Height - 23 5/8 Inches

Product Width - 29 1/8 Inches

Product Depth - 7 7/8 Inches

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