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Ductless MiniSplits

The all-in-one solution to your heating & cooling problems.

The Ductless Solution

Ductless Mini Splits are an ideal solution for heating or cooling residential or commercial spaces. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, but they also provides a more cost-effective alternative to central HVAC systems.

Compact & Easy Installation

Ductless mini split systems do not require extensive ductwork like central air conditioning systems. This can make them a more convenient and cost-effective solution for homes or buildings that lack ductwork.

Energy Efficient

Ductless mini splits can be up to 30% more energy efficient than traditional central air conditioning systems, which can result in lower utility bills and reduced energy consumption.

Zoned Cooling & Heating

Ductless mini splits allow you to control the temperature in individual rooms or zones, which can provide more personalized comfort and greater control over energy usage.


Ductless mini split systems operate much more quietly than traditional air conditioning systems, making them a good choice for bedrooms or other areas where noise is a concern.

Reduced Maintenance

Ductless mini splits require less maintenance than central air conditioning systems, which can lead to reduced maintenance costs over time. Additionally, ductless mini splits are built to last and can often last up to 20 years with moderate regular maintenance. This can lead to lower replacement costs over time.


Ductless mini splits come in a variety of sizes and configurations, which can make them suitable for a wide range of spaces and applications, from small apartments to large commercial buildings.

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We Install & Maintain Mini Splits

We are also a design-build construction company. We offer general contracting and development services for residential and lite commercial projects. Contact us for more information.

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